Keynote Speakers

Prof. Yanqing Duan,

University of Bedfordshire, UK

Yanqing Duan (BSc, MSc, PhD, SFHEA) is a full professor of Information Systems. She is also the founder and director of Business and Information Systems (BISC) at the Business School, University of Bedfordshire. Her principal research interest is the use of the emerging digital Technologies (ICT) in organisations and their impact on decision making, innovation, education and learning, and knowledge management. She has undertaken many funded research projects on the design, development and applications of various e-learning methods and tools for training and education purposes. Her recent research interest in Big Data and Analytics enables her to undertake a number of funded research projects on the use and impact of Learning Analytics in the UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). She has co-ordinated many research projects funded by various funding sources, such as: European Commission, UK Department For International Development (DFID), JISC, British Council, etc. She has published over 180 peer reviewed articles, including papers in European Journal of Information Systems, IEEE transaction on Engineering Management, Computers & Education, Information & Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, The Information Society, Expert Systems with Applications, Information Technology & People, British Journal of Educational Technology.


Speech Title: Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making in Education Management: A Technology Acceptance – Avoidance Perspective

Abstract: Providing students with the best learning experience and ensuring their academic success throughout their university lifecycle has been a serious challenge for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being widely implemented in commercial organizations and making significant impacts on their business success. However, High Education Sector appears to be lagging behind other types of sectors in implementing AI. Focusing on the use of AI for supporting human decision making, this presentation will analyse both positive and negative factors that may affect HEI managers’ intention to use AI for supporting their decision making from a technology acceptance-avoidance perspective. The presentation will also highlight the current trends and challenges in transforming High Education with the power of artificial intelligence and big data analytics.